Getting the best from your 3D Ultrasound Scan.

Your baby will take on a new and more developed look at each stage of your pregnancy.

Earlier stages (20 weeks +)

Your baby will be smaller and thinner, however you will be able to capture a full body image.

Mid stages (24 weeks +)

Your baby has grown and is “fuller” they are also taking up more space, so you will only be able to capture half body images at this point.

Later stages (28 weeks +)

Baby has developed fat layers that will show rounder and plum features. The images will be only sections of the body now, it is a great time to get those close ups.

Mothers that are pregnant with twins should come in for 18 weeks to try and get the babies together in the same frame or before 28 weeks for optimal individual photos.

Fuller figured Mothers should plan to come a little later in their pregnancy between 28-36 weeks.

To watch the continuing development of your baby see the ‘Packages‘ for repeat visits bonus.

Tiny Hearts 3D Ultrasound Studio will be happy to scan your baby anytime from 20 weeks until your due date.

It is possible that around week 32, your baby can be positioned head down preparing to “engage” into the birth cannel. If the baby is engaged it will be difficult to capture facial images of the baby. During your regular scheduled appointments with your Doctor, ask them about your baby’s positioning.

*suggestions on which weeks to come are an approximation, as each mothers body type is different and each baby grows at a different rate.