We are always on the search for the best services to team up with and we have made some great contacts that we pass along to you! BUT now we wanted to have a few little goodies available at the studio for you to pick up for your upcoming little babe. We took our time with bringing products into the studio because if it is here, that means we promote and approve it….so because we only always provide you with the best, we had to make sure that anything we bring in has to the be the best in its class as well …. so here it is, we are so super excited ….

We have teamed up with award winning, celeb loving + wearing, baby couture NEWBORN hats! We are so happy to introduce you to Infanteenie Beenie only at Tinyhearts 3D Ultrasound Studio! We have several styles for both baby girls and baby boys you can choose from.

One of the first things your baby has against it’s fresh little skin is a blanket and ….hat. Now they can wear a super adorable one!
If you don’t already know regulating a newborns temperature is very important. They quickly loose heat from their head once born.

Infanteenie Beenies couture Newborn hats are now available at Tinyhearts 3D Studio.

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