We are pleased to finally offer our custom heartbeat Boutique Bunny for sale.

Each one of our Luxe Boutique Bunnies are hand made. We at Tiny Hearts designed our luxury plush bunny. So much time and love went into the design, fabrics and details down to the stitching for the eyes and nose so that little fingers pick them off ~ always keeping your baby’s safety our utmost priority. We have also enclosed the recorder in a pouch and the bottom closes with strong velcro for ease of mind that the recorder is safely kept inside the bunny.

Our bunny features neutral, velveteen luxe materials that will complement any nursery décor. The softness of the bunny overflows with the feeling of “baby” and topped off with a pink or blue bow and our silver heart symbol on the bottom of it’s foot.

Add our Boutique Bunny to your visit for $40 to complete your experience.



*not including tax